Every day and everything I do, I believe in challenging myself, perform better and be a role model for my daughter. After spending ten years in the social care sector, it happens to be that I found my voice and mojo in Property investment. Real estate became a place to learn, improve and express myself. Thinking big and taking bold decisions allowed an ordinary woman like me to achieve extraordinary results.

As a property investor, I enjoy learning new trends and approaches. I believe in getting the most out of the project, and hence I am flexible with my investments. Many argue that shared housing offers the best ROI; I feel thorough research of the area and demand maximises ROI. My most immense wealth of knowledge came from building a Large Sui Generis HMO bedroom in London. You can learn about my property investments @magicalcreations.

Want help finding the best property investment?
I simplify the choices for investments for you. I do this by getting you what you want from your money. I have 14 years of Property investment
I don’t invest with people; I invest in them.

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